Automated Operations

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For Unisys ClearPath and Windows Systems

Since 1978 the MANAGER family of products has been used to provide AUTOMATED OPERATIONS on multi-host Unisys ClearPath systems.

MANAGER is an integrated package of software modules that addresses all aspects of Automated Operations. MANAGER Modules can be implemented on a stand-alone basis to address specific requirements, or as an integrated package to achieve true “lights out” operations.


Sophisticated Scheduling

MANAGER automates the running of daily and periodic jobs via a sophisticated scheduling system.

Job Management

MANAGER has it's own non-procedural workflow language. The powerful easy-to-use syntax provides an interface to the operating system and allows MANAGER to exert control over the machine environment.

File Management

The File Management system integrates with the media library to provide quick access to any file backed up to the off-line media.

Event Management

MANAGER monitors all host events interactively and can take any pre-defined actions on the trigger event occurring.

Print Management

MANAGER has a comprehensive printing subsystem. banners are available to end-users and system administrators to control and monitor print distribution.

Media Library Management

The MANAGER Media Library management system is totally integrated with its workflow language.

Windows Executive

The power and functionality of MANAGER to control multiple Windows servers from one central location